Where can I use an MRMS?

Q: Where can I use an MRMS (Multi-Room Monitoring Station)?

The "central command station" of each floor in a hospital, such as a central nurses' station, plays a critical role in monitoring room conditions for the proper operation of OR (operating room) suites, isolation wards, and other critical spaces. Ideally, monitoring these spaces would include a centralized device, such as the MRMS, located in the nurses' station, clearly showing the status of up to 8 rooms on the floor. The MRMS communicates with each room's existing room condition monitor (specifically the Setra Models SRPM and SRCM) and displays that data at a central location where nurses can ensure that each room's conditions are within the appropriate parameters.

Q: What type of room condition data can the MRMS display?

Pressure, humidity, temperature, and one other user-defined parameter

Q: How does the MRMS communicate with the SRPM and SRCM?

Through BACnet MS/TP protocol

Q: How do I connect other devices to the MRMS?
Only Setra’s SRPM and SRCM can be seen by the MRMS through the Auto Discover feature and will provide BACnet information on room conditions.

Q: What happens if the conditions of a room goes outside of the set parameters?
The MRMS has audible and visual alarms that alert you of an issue.

Q: My nurse's station has limited space for new devices. How big is the MRMS?
The MRMS is only 7.5" x 6", significantly smaller than other similar devices, and flush mounted for easy cleaning.

Q: Do I need any special equipment to interact with the MRMS?
No. The MRMS is equipped with a color touch screen to simplify the user interface. 

Q: Is the MRMS compliant with industry regulations?
Yes. The MRMS is CE and CSA compliant.

Q: How long should I wait to Auto Discover?

After powering up MRMS, allow 15-20 seconds for all devices to exchange BACnet token before running the Autodiscover tool. **Please note, each time you Autodiscover the screen location designations need to be re-entered on the results screen. If you want to look at the previously discovered results, be sure to choose the Display Auto Discover Results button.

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