How to Troubleshoot the MRMS with the SRPM/SRCM

Q: My SRPM, SRCM, and MRMS are not communicating with each other. Why?

  1. Make sure (+) signal is correctly connected to (+) pin in all devices. Same for (-) signal and Ref (GND) signal. Our devices are 1.5 pairs, meaning that it is preferred all 3 wires are used (+, -, and GND). GND is the reference signal to the other two signals. The ground wire should be a conductor, not the shielding.
  2. Check that all baud rates are the same.
  3. Check MAC addresses. Every device should have a different address per branch, or segment or trunk of a network.
  4. Check device instances. Every device should have a different instance number across the entire network.

*The Dip Switch #1 must be enabled to make Network setting changes like baud rates, MAC addresses, and Device Instances*

**Anytime a change to Network settings is made, power must be cycled**

5. Enable the pull up (Dip Switch #3) and pull down (Dip Switch #5) resistors on the MRMS. Be sure the device that is in the last position has the terminating resistor enabled (EOL) (Dip Switch #4 on the MRMS). Then power cycle the units.

Q: All my spaces are discovered but not showing up on the main screen. Why?

After the units are discovered, you need to assign a screen location on the display for the room. 

The MRMS can display 8 rooms. If you have more than 8 SRPM or 4 SRCM (each SRCM will show up with each of its 2 rooms as a location) on the trunk, the MRMS will discover all of them. The user assigns which ones to display, up to 8, in what location on the MRMS screen.

Q: Why is my room gray on the display of the MRMS?

This means your room monitor is in NO ISOLATION mode (SRPM) or STANDBY (SRCM).

Q: I've tried all the suggestions above and still cannot see the SRPM/SRCM on my MRMS. What should I do?

Capture the BACnet traffic using WIRESHARK and contact an Application Engineer for help (, 1-800-25-SETRA).  Be sure to have what each device on the trunk is, with its Device ID and MAC address, and the specific issue you are having.

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